Unilever Wellbeing:
Augmented Reality


Since Unilever began in the 1890s, promoting wellbeing has been in their DNA. So, when they developed a new employee wellbeing app, Unilever wanted to build a campaign that would engage their staff and encourage them to interact with it.


We used some of Lord Lever’s words of wisdom to bring this employee engagement campaign to life through animation and AR.

Working with Unilever’s Health and Wellbeing communications team, we produced a series of posters with art that featured wellbeing messaging. It encouraged employees to pull out their phones and interact with the posters.

When the posters were triggered with phone cameras, augmented reality animations unfurled and added a layer of interaction and detail that was previously unattainable. The animations had clear calls to action embedded.

What did we do? Browser-based immersive experiences, Augmented Reality


The campaign has been a massive success so far, with high engagement with employees and downloads of the Wellbeing app.