Tetra Pak Aarhus:
360˚ Experience


Multinational food packaging specialist Tetra Pak needed to showcase their Ice Cream Product Development Centre. They wanted to demonstrate their product knowledge, industrial space and capability as a manufacturer to their potential customers.


We created an immersive tour of Tetra Pak’s Product Development Centre for ice cream in Aarhus, Denmark. A crew of two flew to the centre in Aarhus and captured the 360˚ imagery in one day. We also filmed pieces to camera for two members of the Tetra Pak team.

What did we do? Immersive, Browser-based immersive experiences, Interactive web experiences


We delivered this project within a week. Combined with content that the client was able to supply, we were able to put together a cohesive, interactive experience that could be viewed on desktop and mobile devices.

The client continues to use this as part of their communications to demonstrate their expertise within manufacturing and providing industrial food solutions.