Stay Fare Mayor (The London Taxi Company): Film


The London Taxi Company wanted to create the #StayFareMayor campaign because it wanted the next Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to recognise it as the “best cab service in the world”.


With over 20 actors involved, we recreated a ‘day in the life’ journey of a black cab driver traversing the streets of London to a re-worked soundtrack of Amy’s famous ‘Back to Black’ song.

What did we do? 2D & 360˚ video production


The project was completed in under three weeks. This film was created in collaboration with Amy Winehouse’s family to promote the #StayFareMayor campaign on behalf of the London black taxi trade.

Stay Fare Mayor was the main component of a very successful programme of social media activity. It picked up a 2016 Public Affairs Award for Best Local Government Campaign.