EY: Interactive 360˚ Employee Engagement Game


Ernst Young (EY) UK & Ireland needed their employees’ input to test a crucial part of their strategy around the three pillars of Technology, Talent and Trust.

EY needed to be sure that employees understood the principles underpinning the entire organisation’s beliefs.


To make sure EY employees were fully engaged, we were commissioned to build an interactive and immersive 360º experience. This included three games designed to test employees’ sentiment towards each of the 3Ts (Talent, Technology and Trust).

We made the platform accessible on the company’s existing hardware, and interaction data was delivered to EY via a bespoke, branded and secure dashboard.

To ensure the platform remained relevant, we enabled the client to update the content within the game and even gave them the ability to repurpose it.

What did we do? Immersive, Browser-based immersive experiences, Employee experiences


From a total of 7,220 people, EY was able to reach 84% of the employees they were targeting. Participation in the games confirmed a strong understanding and belief in the 3Ts across the organisation.

“It takes time and focus to develop the right level of collaboration. Gamification helps our partners and leaders talk with their people about their contribution to the 3Ts – as groups and individuals.

We had a great all-day workshop, which included everyone from design, brand, HR, and IT. This was an incredibly helpful session to walk through every aspect of all three rooms to finesse what we were trying to do.”

— Gill Poloni, UK&I Head of Communications and Engagement, EY