Coats Industrial Thread:
3D Product Model & Augmented Reality


Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer. From performance footwear to medical-grade suturing, they supply the innovative thread that lives inside thousands of products.

Demonstrate the hidden innovation in their product range for the automotive industry. They wanted to depict their products within a vehicle and highlight key information about each of them. The experience needed to work on their website and for live demonstrations at events for government officials and automotive industry representatives.


We created an interactive 3D website experience that showcased Coats automotive products within a computer-generated vehicle. By peeling back sections of the car, customers and investors were able to reveal information about the advantages of using the products to improve vehicle performance and characteristics.

An augmented reality (AR) version of the 3D model was created for sales teams and event demonstrations, further enhancing the immersive experience. When customers hover iPads in front of the model car, it triggers a highly-realistic 3D model to appear on the device, as if it were in the same room.

What did we do? Immersive, 3D interactive models, Photorealistic CGI


Using cutting-edge 3D models to deliver their sales and marketing messages, Coats are reinforcing their position as the innovative market leader. Their online 3D model and augmented reality experiences have helped drive numerous high-value conversations with customers and industry partners.

“Vismedia’s augmented reality and interactive web experiences have enabled us to drive visitors to our 3 innovation hubs, increase footfall at exhibitions, increase website traffic and social media engagement across our target segments.”

— Carla Griffin, Global Head of Communications, Coats